Do you floss your mind?

Have you ever been told how important it is to brush your teeth and floss? I hope your answer is yes! From our parents to our dentists, they remind us of the vital element of keeping ourselves healthy. For our community at Posture and Wellness, we try to pass this same advice on about the body and the mind.

We know how important exercise is, we know how important the food we eat is to thrive and fuel our days, but what are we doing for our mental health? 

Here are my top tips for keeping the mind stimulated and healthy:
Pick one this week, get the kids involved, get your Gran involved, go and connect and have a healthy body and mind:

1. Connection:

Still regarded as the most important thing for our mental health, go connect with someone. A good friend of mine messaged me today saying he felt lonely. I told him that a connection is waiting for him if he is willing to be brave and go make it. So those who have lots of friends and those who do not, if someone says hello, say hello back. Ask them how they are, you never know how much you can change your community with a simple ‘hello.’

2. Challenge your brain:

Puzzle time, crosswords, Sudoku, game of cards, Guess Who, if you are in the car with the kids – play the name game.

3. Be silly:

This is by far one of my favourite things. Why as adults do we lose the silly part of us that we had as a child? Having nieces (age 5 and 7) has really taught me to be silly more often. So go climb a tree, pull a funny face at someone, get your pen and draw a moustache on a person in your newspaper, get creative and imaginative with your silly actions with your friends and loved ones. It is funny, and laughter is good for your soul.

4. Change your environment:

Get out there. Go for a walk in the forest, take a trip to the seaside, challenge your brain with new sites, sounds, and smells.

5. My last top tip is to ask yourself what you need:

I really mean it, out loud, say “what do I need today”? Is it sleep? Is it more water? Is it a cuddle? Slow down for 5 minutes and just ask. The body will tell you; we just have to listen. Always listen to what your body is telling you.

Have an amazing week.

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