Our First Birthday!

Its posture and wellness’s 1st birthday this month! 

Posture and Wellness are celebrating its first birthday this month.

We want to take this opportunity to thank everyone for all their support.

As we hit this milestone, we are honoured that you choose us as you journey towards better health and posture.  We continue to strive to deliver the best care and adjustments as we endeavour to help you reach your health goals and your full potential.

So here are my top tips on how you can help yourself to reach your full potential alongside your adjustments:

1. Movement is key. 

Moving helps your body unwind which is why we suggest that you go for a walk after your adjustments. If your body is holding you back from doing the exercise you love. Listen to your body and start slowly with walking more and then build it up, you will get there and be able to do the things you enjoy again. Always pick a sport or activity you enjoy!


2. The right shoes with a magic dot! 

Now of most you who are getting adjusted will know that we recommend wearing barefoot shoes to allow proper movement of your feet. However, how many of you have had your shoes checked by a member of our team to see if they are working for you? Make sure you ask Rehana next time you’re in to check your shoes and see if you need a magic dot in your shoe to help support your body in the right way.


3. Sleep!

I have said it before, but sleep is so important for your body to be able to heal itself. When we are well-rested, we perform at our best both mentally and physically. We become more resilient to the stressors of daily life. How many quality hours of sleep are you really getting?

To give back this month, we are giving away x1 free new patient consultations to each patient this week for you to gift to a friend or family member to use in the month of July. A chance to offer your nearest and dearest a spine and posture assessment.

“I have thoroughly enjoyed helping every single one of you.” -Bianca

Contact Bianca Downey for more information: info@postureandwellness.co.uk

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