Choosing the right footwear can have a big impact on your posture and how well your body performs. Being barefoot as much as possible is the best thing you can do for your body. So it is important to choose a shoe that mimics this as closely as possible. This is so the mechanics of your feet can move the way they were designed to. Unfortunately, modern shoes are poorly designed, often very tight and restrictive locking up the mechanics of your feet which affect the rest of your body.

Below is a comprehensive list of recommended shoes. If you would like to attend our sitting, sleeping and standing workshop for more information please contact for the next available dates.

xeroshoes a popular brand that has various casual styles, sandals, sporty and everyday options. ABC friendly. 

tadeevo sporty, casual, everyday options. Very minimal design which encourages true barefoot walking. 

balenka casual, everyday, perfect minimal design, very ABC friendly. 

carets mens work and smart dress shoes 

feelmax sport, casual, everyday 

feelgrounds casual everyday shoe

magicalshoes casual, running, boots, sandals, everyday 

lemsshoes casual, sporty, everyday, active

joe-nimble casual, sporty, work, everyday 

vibram sporty, casual, training 

softstarshoes casual, smart, everyday, running. work (american shop) 

tieksa large range of female princess/flats shoes, casual, dressy, everyday (american shop) 

earthrunnerssandals, sporty, running, everyday, casual

tunefootwear casual, work, smart, professional, mens (american shop)

unshoesusa sandals, sporty, casual, everyday (american shop)

tikkishoes womens, children, boots and sandals, everyday, casual 

water shoes – there are lots of shops that sell these – just google search to find one (a very inexpensive option) 


There are also several other brands on the market that have more minimal options available:


newbalance– the minimus range is good for sports, everyday, casual 

skorarunning– have a good introductory minimal running/training shoe option (american store)

toms have flat, casual, stylish everyday options

merrell – a range of minimal/barefoot options for sports, training and everyday 

rogercoco– womens, causal, everyday, smart – look out for the flat sole options that don’t have a heel (american store)

havaianas – their flip flops are excellent, comfortable and flat soled, without any arch supports which makes them perfect

converse – the allstar range is flat, flexible and without arch support making them a good everyday, casual, option. 

Vans – Similar to converse.


Safety Footwear:

If you need steel-capped shoes it can be a challenge to find a suitable pair of boots or shoes that are wide enough in the toes box and flexible enough to still allow your foot to move. Here is one option that we’ve found which seems to tick all of the right boxes

sk-apparel– look for the lee cooper safety plimsole

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