Why do I have back pain in my 30’s? I’m not old, or am I?

Unfortunately, we live in a modern environment in which our backs are not designed to live in – evolution has not yet caught up.

In this modern environment, we sit at a desk and other poorly designed seats, we work longer hours, do a lot of bending and lifting, practice more competitive sports and training, wear shoes that tighten our feet, and worst of all we are glued to our phone and technology, looking down at it most of the day. Plus, all the other things that we do to our bodies’ structure like falling out of trees, off bikes and down the stairs, giving birth and any other accidents and injuries you might have.

So, what does all this have to do with my back pain?

These poor posture habits have been gradually changing the natural curves in your spine since you were young. The more bad habits you have, the more it affects your spine. It gets twisted up and the more twisted up it becomes, the more it starts to irritate your muscles, joints, and nerves. This will give you pain and possibly many other symptoms. A bit like eating too much sugar – your teeth will rot quicker the more sugar you eat without looking after them. And so will your spine if you don’t look after it.

The good news is you can change it, the earlier you start taking care of your spine the better chances you have of not ending up looking like that bent-over old person you often see walking down the street. With their zimmer frame, this is always a very sad sight and I’m sure no one wants to end up like that.

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