As an active gym goer and live guitar player, my body has been through an unkind journey.

Since being treated with ABC and since being educated on all the little things that affect my body, I have observed massive benefits in my overall health. I feel far more stable through my feet whilst also open and calibrated through my shoulders and neck.

This has enabled higher performance in the gym where I am able to fire my muscles in a far more organic fashion. I can breathe 100 times deeper/easier, and I feel upright and agile.

I highly recommend taking the first step with this service.


Absolutely brilliant. Bianca has really helped me see how important back and spine health is.

She’s helped me with my pain and posture.


Bianca fixed long-standing spinal issues I had for many years. My lower back is in better condition now at 36 than it was at 21 which I think is amazing.

She also taught me a lot about how to maintain and improve my back through changes I could make on my own.

Highly recommended!


After 6 weeks of getting adjusted – Winston noticed less lower back pain significant changes in his posture and overall feeling 60% better.

Winston also made changes to how he sits sleeps and stands to facilitate his recovery.


Before I came to Posture & Wellness, I was having back pain and aching, and was struggling to take a full breath. Now, after just one adjustment I feel upright pain-free, and able to take a huge sigh of relief! Bianca is friendly and knowledgeable and has helped me feel in control of my own health.


Nothing short of amazing! Bianca is a true wizard 🙂 The amount of progress I have made in just a few weeks is truly remarkable. I stumbled upon the ABC technique through a random google search. The testimonials of practitioners & patients from around the world seemed almost too good to be true. After trying ABC with Bianca, I can honestly tell you that ABC lives up to its bold promises. Bianca is an expert & I feel so comfortable in her hands – she always has time for questions, has helpful advice, and you can tell she genuinely cares about her patients. There is nothing abrasive about the technique – so you have nothing to fear at all. The results are truly remarkable. I’m so glad I found Bianca – highly recommended!



Bianca was recommended to me by a friend after I injured my lower back on holiday. After a few weeks of double weekly sessions, my lower back improved dramatically. She helped a lot with my posture and through the treatment I received. I also completely resolved an issue with my neck that had caused my problems for years.



I saw Bianca at the beginning of the pandemic when I was suffering with terrible headaches and a painful neck and shoulders. I had tried a number of different therapies over the years with various back and neck pain, but nothing really worked. Painkillers weren’t touching the headaches, and I was at a low point. Bianca was really kind and compassionate and tailored each visit over the duration of my treatment as my posture began to improve. She is very knowledgeable, and I always felt like a new person walking out of the clinic after an adjustment. I can’t thank Bianca enough, and I’m now headache-free.