5 Ways to Walk More This National Walking Month

May 6, 2024 | General Health

Did you know that walking an average of 8,800 steps per day can lower your all-cause mortality risk

Yes, you read that right—longevity might not depend on a fancy gym membership or expensive equipment. Instead, it might simply depend on moving our bodies a little bit more. And May offers the perfect excuse to get started. 

It’s National Walking Month, so let’s uncover how we can all get some more steps in each day. After all, looking after our bodies doesn’t have to be complicated or feel like pulling teeth. Plus, walking offers an easy way to boost your overall health and wellness. So, how can you sneak those steps into your day-to-day?

1. Schedule Your Walks

We pencil everything else into the calendar, so why not our walks? When we schedule, we plan for success. So, take a look at your planner: Where can you fit a walk or two into your day? Maybe the morning after breakfast is best or in the evening after dinner. (BONUS: Walking after a meal can help balance blood sugar!)

Find a time that works, and stick with it. Better yet, grab your family or a friend to make it that much more worthwhile. Prefer solo time? Listen to a podcast or jam to your favourite tunes. Do what works for you.

2. Take Your Meeting On a Walk

If you don’t necessarily need to be sitting at your desk, consider taking that meeting on a walk. This can easily kill two birds with one stone. It might also ignite a bit more creativity, leading to breakthrough ideas.

3. Walk Where You Can

Are there stairs? Opt for those instead of the lift or escalator. Do you take public transportation? Consider getting off a stop or two early and walking the rest of the way. If you drive, park farther back in the lot so you can get those steps in.

4. Discover New Local Trails

A great way to walk more is by getting out and exploring the natural scenery around your local town or city. Google walking trails near you and discover new spots in familiar territory!

5. Track It

Not sure if you’re walking enough? One of the best things you can do is invest in a pedometer or fitness tracker. This will count your steps for you—not to mention it can be ultra-motivating to see your progress.

On top of the above, you may want to consider barefoot shoes for better posture and alignment. Interested in more ways to improve your overall health and wellness? Schedule your FREE discovery call. Find out how your local Finsbury Park chiropractor can help you today! BOOK NOW.