It is sad to see how much headaches can affect many parts of your daily life, from, our work, our social life, and even our loved ones. I personally haven’t had a headache for a long time now, but all too often I hear my friends say they have a headache, and you can see they are struggling but just get on with it, or taking a painkiller becomes normal.

But that is what we all do right, we get on with it? Pain can then become our normal, the more you see or experience something the more you accept that it is your new normal. Say your friend gets a headache, how common is the response, “oh yeah I get them as well”.

If I may, I would like to redefine that understanding, being in any type of pain is not normal, there is always a reason behind it. In 2020 the office for national statistics released data that put headaches in the top 10 reasons for having time off work. Featured at number 7 in a pandemic shows me that we are still not understanding how we can help ourselves. Please allow me to share some of my knowledge and tips on headaches to help you and your loved ones.

1. Hydration, it’s one of the easiest things you can do.

Tension headaches are one of the top 3 we all suffer from. You may note the tension in your neck or shoulders, you’ve possibly had a stressful day, and you feel pressure either at the back of the head or forehead. Drinking more water will help support the muscles to stay loose. Less water equals dehydration and tighter muscles, think of a sponge, the less water in it, the stiffer it becomes. Our muscles are identical. – reduce the stress where possible.

2. Movement and fresh air.

Little walks help regulate hormones and will also help release the good endorphins into your bloodstream, which contribute to better regulation and balance.  

3. Stay away from inflammatory foods and stimulants

That can contribute to headaches. Wheat fact – eating wheat will always cause inflammation, whether you feel bloated or not. Some of us just get it worse than others.

If your head is pounding, try to avoid wheat, sugar, caffeine, and for some of you, dairy. If your body is working hard to put the fire out and you add petrol, then it’s going to get worse. Eat less processed foods, instead turn to nice real foods the body can easily digest.

4. Screen breaks. 

Do you work for more than 45mins on a screen? I used to! Take breaks, when I mean a break, I mean from screens. It is all too common when patients say they have breaks at lunch and sit in front of the TV or go on their phone to catch up on social media. Come away from screens… Rest those eyes.

Have an amazing week.

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