Should You Go for a Walk First Thing in the Morning?

Feb 26, 2024 | General Health

Morning isn’t a cheery event for everyone. For some of us, we might struggle with a mixed bag of emotions first thing. We might also struggle to start our days on a good note. Well, if this sounds familiar, it might be time to grab your coffee and get out each morning. Here’s why!

It Resets Your Circadian Rhythm

Sunlight first-thing actually resets your circadian rhythm. Our eyes actually have sensory neurons that are very receptive to different types of light, including that morning glow. The light at this time of the day can help you wake up—and even help you get a better sleep in the upcoming night.

It Supports Good Digestion

Movement is a wonderful way to get those digestive juices flowing, especially first thing in the morning. The morning often signifies the first bowel movement of the day. Yet, if you have issues with this, some movement might help prevent constipation and improve your digestion. It can also help increase your appetite if you find you aren’t hungry when you wake up.

You Get a Bit of Movement in Early

Another great thing about walking first-thing is that you get some steps and movement done early. This gets your body moving before your brain starts to come up with reasons or excuses why not. In fact, you might even barely remember it. 

It Gives Your Time to Count Your Blessings

If you find walking a bit of a bore, consider using this time to practice the attitude of gratitude. Count your blessings! What are you thankful for? List them out. For each one, make sure to truly feel those feelings of appreciation.

It Starts Your Day on Your Terms

It’s easy to get caught up in the energy of everyone else’s day. However, giving yourself space with a walk in the morning can help you set yourself up for success. It starts your day on your terms and no one else’s. This can also be a great time to plan your day, if you so choose, which can give you a leg-up on the rest of the day and allow you to create certain boundaries for yourself that you’re happy with.

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