The power of the adjustment.

Chiropractic is a remarkable profession with so many people just skimming the iceberg for all it has to offer. Helping people out of pain is a wonderful thing to experience and such an honour and trust to do. 

However, those who stay with care a little longer get to experience the true benefit and power of chiropractic for their health long term. In this short blog, I want to show you how.

So what is an adjustment? 

That action where a chiropractor places his or her hands on your spine gives an impulse, that may or may not have a cracking sound, which is the adjustment. A lay term that is used often is ‘manipulation’. But I like to stay way clear of that due to the negative connotations of being manipulated and the poor specificity of such manoeuvres. 

Chiropractic adjustments are very specific to certain areas of the spine that are subluxated, in order to restore motion and nerve transmission to the brain.

So, what is a subluxation? 

For simplicity and ease of understanding a subluxation is a part of the spine that is not moving correctly, a vertebra that has lost proper motion or alignment. But crucially there has to be a nerve component to make it a subluxation. What happens when these parts of the spine stop moving are significant to our overall health.

Lack of motion in the spine sends negative signals to the brain, these negative signals to the brain lead to the release of stress hormones. The release of stress hormones over a long time can give rise to long-term health complications.

Conversely, a spine that is moving properly sends positive signals to the brain that will reduce the stress hormone output and help restore health to the body.

This is why people under chiropractic care report a wide variety of healing and health improvements from their adjustments.

A moving spine is as important as a healthy diet, daily movement, and good mental health. Research has shown that after just 4 weeks of a spine not moving properly, degenerative changes start to happen. Run this over 2/3 months and scar tissue begins to build in the joints which further reduces the motion in the spine, giving more and more negative signals to the brain, over time affecting health.

Therefore, when a chiropractor suggests maintaining adjustments and having regular visits once out of pain, they do so to optimise your health and prevent degenerative changes in your spine, negative brain signals and stress hormones.

The power of a chiropractic adjustment is remarkable. When did you last have your spine adjusted?

 Have an amazing week.

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