Top Tips for Bone Health

This week I am going to discuss bone health. Something that we only really think about as we start to age. We may then worry about our spine, comfort, and posture long-term.

However, this is something we should really be thinking about long before a problem arises. Waiting for your bones to become a problem before doing something about it, is like waiting until you are dehydrated before you dig a well.

But do not worry, even if you are later on in life, there is still so much that can be done.

Why is bone health so important though? It is not simply a case of aesthetics, looking good, and comfort. It is so much more important than that. Having great bone health is important for our biochemistry and hormone levels, for our blood and long-term heart conditions as well as support, mainly for our spinal cord. If the bones of the spine become an issue this can have a significant impact on quality of life, as the spinal cord is what controls our ‘life’ via messages from the brain!

So, what can you do?

There are three main areas to focus on when it comes to looking after your bone health. Nutrition, movement, and alignment. Here are my simple tips to help you gain and maintain great bone health:

1. Nutrition.
Be sure to have a natural and varied diet. Avoid too much sugar and dairy. Yes, I said dairy. Most of us drink milk for the calcium, however, it is seldom a lack of calcium that is the issue, it is a lack of Vitamin D. Milk is also very pro-inflammatory that can aggravate bone conditions such as arthritis. Be sure to also supplement Omega 3 for great bone health.

Top Take Homes:
– Reduce sugar and dairy
– Increase Vitamin D and omega 3

2. Movement.
Under stress load (weight-bearing) bones do not wear out like a car tire, they actually get stronger, like callus formation on the hand. To stimulate and maintain strong healthy bones, weight-bearing exercise is important. Walking is the best option, a small jog if you can, and some push up for the bones in your arms! Push-ups can be done against the wall if you can’t do them on the floor.

Top Take Home: Move daily for 30 minutes of weight-bearing exercise

3. Alignment.
As much as weight-bearing is key, it is also important to have good alignment otherwise one side of the body will take a disproportionate amount of weight, which leads to an overgrowth of bone on that side (arthritis) and a weakening of bone on the other side (osteopenia).

Top Take Home: Be sure to see your chiropractor regularly.

So, there are my simple tips for bone health, remember to start today, do not wait for the problem before you try to fix it.

Happy Monday!

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