How does a Rubik’s cube relate to your body?

I often get asked by people who come see me for the first time; “how many treatments will I need” or “how long before I’m sorted”.

During people’s care with me, I often describe how fixing people’s bodies is a bit like solving a Rubik’s Cube.

Some cubes are bigger and more complex than others. Some aren’t as big but maybe more jumbled up than others.

I think this is a great analogy and really helps explain the process of how we have to go about fixing a person’s body.

Like solving the puzzle, there is a set, systematic approach we have to use to sequentially, one at a time, to fix the things in your body that are causing you problems.

Depending on the complexity and how jumbled up you are, it will take more or less time.

Unlike the puzzles, however, unfortunately, we cannot give a specific number of visits or timescale for when you will be ‘fixed’. There are just too many factors outside of our control such as lifestyle, habits, occupation, diet, amount of injuries you have, and whether you follow SSS advice or not, to name a few.

The body is far more complex and has an immeasurable amount of probable ways it can be ‘jumbled up’ than any Rubik’s Cube or puzzle you can think of.

Rest assured however that we have discovered the ‘pattern/solution’ to solve this most difficult of puzzles in ABC™ and with patience, dedication, and determination we can do this, together.

Have an amazing week.

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