Need to put the spring back into your step?


Spring is officially upon us!

With the daylight increasing, warmer weather approaching, flowers and trees coming into bloom, and new life is born, it is certainly a beautiful season. After what may have felt like a long year for many of you, a sense of hope and positivity is in the air that life will be returning to some form of normality.

But if you feel like that hedgehog who has been tucked away keeping warm and cosy this winter, and you are now contemplating coming out of hibernation feeling a bit dazed, then hopefully this blog will be of help.

So here are my Top 3 Tips to help put the spring in your step!

1. Add the good stuff.

Eating processed foods can have an impact on our energy levels, moods, and overall health, so if you have gone off track with your nutrition and have been consuming more sweet treats and take-outs, it is not surprising if you feel lethargic. So, start to add the ‘good stuff’! Fresh colourful vegetables for essential nutrients, omega 3 fats from fish (or supplement appropriately), to help with joint and brain health, and an extra glass of water a day on top of your current intake are a great place to start!

2. Focus on the now and lace up those trainers!

Are you digging out last year’s clothes and wondering why they have shrunk?! I assure you; you are not alone! If you have put on a few pounds over the last year and are not quite feeling as vital as you used to, don’t punish yourself for things that you can no longer change. Start today – It is
never too late, so why not dig out those trainers and lace them up?! Whether it is a brisk walk around the block, star jumps in your living room, or running on the spot, try and increase your exercise to wake your body up from the
slumber. Ideally aim for at least 30 minutes of intentional exercise a day. How often do you open up your phone and start scrolling on any given day? You might not even realise you’re doing it. Chances are, it’s become an automatic action.

As humans, we’re naturally ‘pack animals’, always looking for ways to interact with and contribute to a community. It’s in our nature to look for opportunities to communicate and connect. But if we’re always doing this on our phones, instead of in real life, what does this mean for our health?

3. Step outside and feel the warmth.

Sunny days are coming which is exciting for many! Not having to wear layers of clothes is a bonus but allowing our skin to be exposed to sunlight helps our body create Vitamin D! This is essential for our bone health, immune system function, and helps to regulate our moods. It has been indicated that just 10 minutes a day is considered adequate, so step outside, soak up the sun, and allow your body to thrive.

It can often feel overwhelming to get started, but if you get day one out of the way, and then the next, and the next, you start to create momentum and in a few weeks’ time you will not only feel the benefit, but see it too.

Here is to getting the Spring back in our step!

Have an amazing week.

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