What Mattress Should I be Using?

Nov 26, 2021 | Featured Post

Sleeping on a very firm and flat surface is the best foundation for a good night’s sleep. 

In all honesty, the best mattress you could buy is the ABC mattress. The ABCE mattress has been designed by ABC™ practitioners to support the alignment of their patients. As we know, the importance of our patients not ruining their bodies on a bad bed/mattress is vital. Think about it, you spend 6-8 hours a night on it – maybe even longer at the weekends. That means an average person will spend a third of their life asleep! 

The latex that we use is very high quality and will last a long time (not all latex is the same) and will last the average person at least 10 years.

Latex used to be used in couches and chairs many years ago, but it lasted so long people weren’t replacing their furniture. So, production companies changed to something not as good. If you have to keep replacing your mattress to keep having good support while sleeping, you’ll spend more than the price of one ABC™ mattress. The ABC mattress is less expensive in the long run (often even in the upfront cost as well) and you’ll sleep better with good support the whole time! If you price quality mattresses you will find that our prices are lower than many other companies. They may sell a good product, but it won’t be to ABC™ standards.

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Alternative firm mattresses I would not suggest and why…

Reflex foam is extremely firm, however it has many flaws and won’t last you very long either.

It is extremely firm – more so than the extra firm/firm latex mattresses that we were selling. There are a few people who are comfortable on such a firm sleeping surface, but many do not like it at all.

  • Worst is that the foam starts to compress after a short period of time and no longer provides the flat firm surface that is needed for good support when sleeping. You have to replace it to keep the same quality of support. 
  • Additionally, Polyurethane foam is sometimes called “solid gasoline.” It gives off toxic fumes that may be linked to short– and long–term health conditions.
  • It is highly flammable, and it is illegal in the USA to sell uncovered polyurethane foam as a mattress because of that danger.

We do not recommend them for these reasons.

I would also not recommend:

  • Pocket sprung/ combination mattresses – Although these are advertised as firm, and they can be. They usually have quilted effect on top making them an uneven surface to sleep on. This can affect the mechanics of your body.
  • Memory foam – this is not firm, even if it says it is. This is usually soft and unsupportive which can cause the body all sorts of problems. If you are one of those people who love your memory foam mattress, it tells me you have a lot of stress and compensations in your body. 

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